Jul 2, 2012

Itty bitty cross stitch!

I'm not a fan, though. These are a gift for a friend :)

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Apr 28, 2012

Blue's Clues and a hat

Mélie loves Blue's Clues, and kept wanting me to show her pictures of Tickety Tock and Slippery Soap on the computer.

I made her little stuffed toys instead, and am quite proud of them. They have been approved by the recipient too!

This is the first version of Soap. I had to make him as fast as I could, Mélie was waiting impatiently right next to me the whole time.

Tickety Tock got legs after the photo was taken. It was handed back to me with a demand for "Toes!"

Slippery Soap has been made twice now - version 1 had an unfortunate accident involving green play doh, so I made a new, improved version. This time I didn't have to hurry so much, so I could make bobbles instead of using beads.

Oh yeah, and Mailbox stopped by too. He's not quite as loved as the other two. I suspect the reason is that he doesn't open.

I have to admit that I'm quite proud of how they turned out!

I've been very lucky lately - I also made a really pretty purple sun hat for myself. Just look! It's a terrible picture, but you get the idea. The dc join in the back is practically invisible, how awesome is that?

Apr 6, 2012

I'm sorry!

I'm so sorry I haven't responded to comments for so long! Blogger was supposed to send me notification emails when people commented, but I never got them - today I logged in from my computer for the first time in forever (I usually update from my phone now), and discovered a whole bunch of old comments.

I'll try to be better at keeping up with my blog from now on :) Might even update more often!

Here's a pirate bunny nugget I made for boogerbutt!

Jan 12, 2012

Quick and easy toddler toys

Pony beads plus shoelace with knots on both ends = hours of knitting time for mommy

Metal rings like the ones you use for keyrings, covered in various crocheted shapes and colors. Shoelace with large button as stopper. Instant lacing toy :)

Obviously neither of these are for the really young ones, and adult supervision is required - choking hazard and all that.