May 18, 2011


Oops. Looks like I posted about the same socks twice... *sheepish grin*

I lovelovelove these socks!

Pattern: Yarnissima's Spice Kids
Yarn: Socks that Rock in Deck the Halls

Second pair is already halfway done, that should give you an idea of how much I love them.
They fit Mélie perfectly!

May 13, 2011

Pretty socks for a pretty girl

Yarn: Socks That Rock in Deck The Halls (love! It's all squooshy and pretty)
Pattern: Yarnissima's Spice Kids (fits Mélie perfectly! I love the heels, they're proper heels! Not all shallow like many other toddler socks I've tried.)

Adorable chubby baby legs in pretty socks: Priceless.

May 10, 2011

I had

all these plans about how I'd be amazing and post every day, with witty observations, nice pictures, the works!

Then life happened and I forgot.
Sound familiar?

Mélie is going through a growth spurt, and the more she eats, the hungrier I get. I can't keep up, it's crazy.
I'm considering hunting down a bison or something equally big just to keep for light snacks.