Feb 8, 2011

Soakers and longies

are all I have the time to knit these days. I have a large pile of gorgeous sock yarn waiting to become socks, but the little miss comes first.
Not that I'm suffering - knitting with Malabrigo in lovely colors is far from torture! I'd just like to have warm feet soon. I've finished 5 soakers and one pair of longies so far, with one more soaker on the needles.
Of course now A has started getting a rash... I really really hope it's something random and not her diapers. She never had a single rash with her prefolds, so I know it's not the detergent.
I'd still use the prefolds, but they're too small to pin, and I hate using Bummi covers + trifold. Hate. The covers always get wet on the edges around the thighs. Besides, A knows how to remove them, even through her clothes.

I wish I could afford to get her only Fluffymail diapers. They're so wonderfully soft, no irritating seams, and more absorbent than anything I've tried! Doesn't hurt that they're pretty as well :p

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