Feb 10, 2011

Can't sleep

...so instead I will tell you about the soaker that refuses to let me finish it.
Ok, to be fair it's more about my obsessive tendencies than anything else.
First I ran out of yarn right before the end. I had to use a different color to finish. Of course it drove me nuts. Bright idea: I'll add a skirt to hide that part!
So far so good, right?
Wrong. After having started the skirt, I decided that the wrong color section was way too annoying. I frogged back quite a bit, and made stripes instead. Woo!
Got tired of purling, so went back to working on the skirt. At this point I had circulars dangling from each end of the soaker.
After having knitted on the skirt for a couple of hours, I realized I'd run out of yarn. Again. Frogged, started again with fewer stitches for a less full skirt.

That's where I am now. Halfway done with the skirt, still not done with the decreases on the soaker itself. Purling, you know. Not in the mood.

This thing better be cute when it's done! Despite being in pastel colors, despite not being perfect... Just be cute, please!

At least I got to watch a couple of movies in the process. Terrible, cheesy movies.

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