Jan 22, 2011

3 wool soakers

...with varying success. I'm still figuring out the perfect fit.

#1 (Curly Purly soaker) is made with 4 strands of lace yarn held together - it was the only non-superwash wool I had available at the time. At first I had made the leg cuffs too narrow, so I ripped them out and made a quick crochet fix. Then that wasn't long enough, so I added a bit more later. It looks craptastic, but it works.

#2 (Vanilla soaker - NO GRAFTING <3<3<3) is made with lovely mmmalabrigo. At first the waist was too wide, so I felted it a bit... by tossing it in the dryer. Bad idea, it ended up being too short, leg cuffs too tight, and waist ribbing utterly useless. So I ripped out the cuffs and waist, and redid them in a contrasting color. It's now my favorite night soaker - the felting made it bulletproof!

#3 (punk_knitters soaker, with added short rows) is the last finished one. I started this while waiting for an order of more malabrigo. It's all scrap lace yarn, 4 strands at a time. Super fast knit. I think I need to add a bit around the legs, I can see some diaper poking through if I'm not careful. Even at that, it lasted through the night with no big disasters.
I expected it to be really ugly, but it's actually not so bad. The color changes are completely random.

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Jan 4, 2011

Look what I got!

One of my aunts knitted me these beautiful socks for christmas!



See the little hand in the corner? Yeah, Amelie-Vanille grabbed both socks and ran away with them. She’s got taste!