Oct 24, 2010

Oct 14, 2010

Not a good day for the purple family (but it got better)

Ok, so Jeff (I always mistype that as Heff, HMMM… What does it mean!?) isn’t part of the purple madness, but enabling me counts. He got me a purple mouse for Viola Pussyfoot. Because I’m irresistible when I beg.

Anyway, that was not the miserable part.







I am miserable. I got the Stomach Flu Of Doom (tm)(c) last night. Protip: Do not eat orange if there is any chance you’ll have to taste it a second time.
It did make for a colourful experience, at least.

So, mommy being miserable led to, you guessed it, bebeh being unhappy. Because for once she couldn’t spend all her time glued to me. Which is a sad sight. To make matters worse, her mean, unloving parents had a baby prison delivered today. The nerve! Poor bebeh can’t try to climb the bookshelves when we’re not looking, it’s not faaaair!

Of course, unhappy bebeh led to…drumroll Exhausted daddy! He had to get up after less than 4 hours of sleep to take care of the little monster. Mommy needed a nap.

If you think they were happy to see me when I woke up, refreshed by nap and painkillers (achy joints suck), you’re right. Baby tried to climb her prison to get to me faster, and breathed a huge sigh of relief as soon as she was in my arms.
Jeff was a pile of tired inside the prison, so I told him to go to bed.
Then A fell asleep on my lap, happily holding the boob, willing it to never, ever leave again. Ever!

Now we’re all snuggling in bed. I won’t say anything about happy endings, the Internet has forever ruined my ability to not be 12.

The end.

Oct 2, 2010

I just want it to be known…

…that it’s really boring to knit one thing when all you want to do is knit something else.

Because I want to knit socks, socks, socks.


Also, I may have a new addiction. Yarn porn. Be afraid. Be very afraid.