May 24, 2010

Hi, how are you?

Here summer has started for real. It’s so warm outside, you wouldn’t believe we live in Canada.

I spend my days taking care of Amélie-Vanille and raveling. It’s not a bad life! We go outside every day for little walks, she loves it so much.

Today we walked all the way to the store (that’s about 45 minutes of walking right there), A. in the carrier, all covered up from the sun. I’m not sure I’ll do that again, it was a bit too hot. Good thing it was windy, or I think all three of us would have had a heat stroke.

I still have no time for knitting. It’s ok, it’s too warm now anyway. Besides, Jeff got me a brand new PSP GO for mother’s day (how spoiled am I!), so I’d rather spend any spare time playing Loco Roco 2.


A. loves the diaper-only weather. She’s not a big fan of clothes, the little troll.


Just look how happy she is!


If anyone wants to send me truckloads of ice cream to cool down, go ahead!

Or maybe a crapload of mojitos… it’s the ultimate summer drink, I crave it every time it gets warm outside.

May 6, 2010


Just stopping by to say that I managed to finish A's jacket at last!
I wanted to post a photo, but it's not on my phone and I'm a little bit stuck under a sleeping baby right now :p

In other news, Jeff just came home with a raspberry slush for me - it's officially summer!

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