Apr 6, 2010

Worn out socks get new life

The sad thing about socks: The toes/heels wear out way before the leg. So there you are, with 3/4 of a sock being in great shape, while the bottom 1/4 is a mess of holes and patched up holes and more holes on top of that.


Usually I just cut off the foot and wear the remains as legwarmers, but really, how many rainbow legwarmers can one person need? Surely 4 pairs must be enough for now!


So, this is what I did with the most recent pair to bite the dust. I made strap covers for Amélie-Vanille’s Ergo carrier. See, she loves to suck on the straps. Ergo sells strap covers too, but they’re expensive. I’m way too cheap to pay for someone to sew one seam on a couple of bits of fabric. Now I can just remove the covers to clean off baby drool. Yay! Silly baby can get to drool on CLEAN fabric every time.


rainbow1 rainbow3