Mar 10, 2010

Picture post


A bunch of little shape cutters for bento:



The cutest bowl ever, and the only bowl I will use for my ice cream from now on:

 bowl2  bowl1


`$%/$?&# cats! White circles = damage (pulled stitches), black arrows = incriminating white hair (Sally, I know it was you who figured out how to open the zipper on my knitting bag! Is world domination next on your list, little monster?):



Cute, felted purse, perfect for pens:

 kittypurse pens


Baby jacket in progress, also attacked by white cat hair (grrrrrr):



The reason I no longer have time for much else (best, most adorable reason ever):



KLRVM-sama said...

Omg hello, =) I was searching for free patterns and I found the star you have on the post of 2007 but I forget how to do the crochet and I'Am like..omg what the was that? haha well you know I have seen Your blog since you start until your baby, omg how niceeee I read it as a girl right? owo mm how nice...I like your blog, and hey that hats you do a looots of posts before are so nice! omg the frog hat haha and the kitty hat..I would like to know how to do it...were do you get the pattern of it?

PD: I'm only 15 years old...Iam not an expert of crochet I would like to be xD practice...practice u_u

Nice blog! and nice nice baby congratulations

Marte said...


I'm all out of breath from reading that, but thanks for the congrats and stuff.

I didn't use a pattern for the hats you mentioned. There are some similar patterns floating around the web though, I'm sure you can find them :)

Erin said...

Best Reason Ever to let the blog get neglected!! She's super cute, and don't sweat the craftys until she's bigger. :)