Mar 10, 2010

Picture post


A bunch of little shape cutters for bento:



The cutest bowl ever, and the only bowl I will use for my ice cream from now on:

 bowl2  bowl1


`$%/$?&# cats! White circles = damage (pulled stitches), black arrows = incriminating white hair (Sally, I know it was you who figured out how to open the zipper on my knitting bag! Is world domination next on your list, little monster?):



Cute, felted purse, perfect for pens:

 kittypurse pens


Baby jacket in progress, also attacked by white cat hair (grrrrrr):



The reason I no longer have time for much else (best, most adorable reason ever):


Dear blog,

My deepest apologies for neglecting you. I will get better, I promise! I even have a little bit of time to knit now. There will be things to show.


(I just discovered 6 comments waiting to be moderated, oops. Must remember to check more often, because I don’t get an email telling me they’re there)