Feb 11, 2010

A diaper a day

…or possibly quite a lot more than just one. I decided a long time ago that I wanted to use cloth diapers for baby. After a month of using disposables because the diapers we had bought were simply too big, I got even more determined. I had no idea what to pick, though. We had gotten a few prefolds, but I wasn’t crazy about them. So a friend sent me a few fitteds (to those not in the know, fitted diapers are made from absorbent fabric, and need a diaper cover to keep the moisture in).

I fell in love with one of the kinds she sent me, called Thirsties (weird name for a diaper, I know). I love them because they’re so colourful and happy-looking!




Knitting? I haven’t had time for knitting! I started a pair of longies/pants, but am not even a quarter of the way done on the first leg. Sheesh, babies require a lot of attention!


(I bought the diapers from A Mother’s Touch in Canada,  btw. I highly recommend them. The service was great, the shipping fast. All around great, and I will definitely go back for the next size once Amélie-Vanille grows out of the diapers she has now.)