Jan 13, 2010

All snuggled up

…in the purple blanket that all her CPaAG aunties made for her. The blanket is a LOT prettier IRL, with many many shades of purple and a bunch of different textures. I love it, but keep on telling myself that the blanket belongs to Amélie-Vanille, so I only get to use it when I snuggle her :)




Here’s a picture of the whole blanket, taken by the lovely person who seamed it all (must have been a lot of work!)



Yesterday we took Amélie-Vanille outside for the first time. I carried her in a wrap under my winter coat, she was very comfortable despite the cold. As for me, I couldn’t stop squeeing the whole time, it was the most adorable thing ever.


Nosferatuia said...

How Beautiful! She is so adorable and I love the blanket too!

StitchOrDie said...

She is so cute! I'm sure she liked to go outside when she got to be so close to her mama. The blanket is beautiful!