Dec 9, 2009

Nope, no baby yet

…I’ve just been lazy with the posting. Or busy finishing things, however you choose to look at it :p I FINALLY finished the baby blanket I started in May. Note to self: Never, ever knit a blanket in lace yarn, even if it is held double. This was supposed to be the Tweed baby blanket by Jared Flood, but then I ended up making the middle square larger than in the pattern, and my brain just did not want to compute the extra math it would have taken to make the neat edging fit. So I cheated and crocheted a nice shell edging instead. A lot faster, and it saved both sanity and yarn.

The yarn is Baby lace merino from Elann, in purple, of course. The close-up is most accurate colour-wise.




A cute little baby scarf, pattern is available here. I didn’t quite follow it, since I used thinner yarn, but the shaping is the same, only the amount of plain garter between the rib-sections is different. KnitPicks Shadow (because it was on sale!), held double.



Thinking of making a nursing shawl next. Actually I’ve already started, but I’m not sure I like the pattern – as in, I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to finish a ginormous half-granny square shawl in lace weight yarn…


Sara said...

Love the blanket - such a great rich color :D

Sara said...

The tiny scarf is so precious!

Marte said...

Thank you :) I can't wait to put both to use!

janelle said...

Beautiful projects!! Hang in there- I know how hard it is at the end when you just want the baby to come! Now I sort of wish he was still in there- then I could still have time to myself, lol!