Nov 29, 2009

Rilakkuma mug

I’ll just let this one speak for itself :)




Gentian said...

I love it!! I just wish it was not $30. :( But it's San-X this is to be expected. Maybe it's a good thing their stuff generally is expensive otherwise I could see myself overindulging in all their stuff.

Marte said...

You might be able to find it cheaper somewhere else, though. Maybe it will show up on ebay sometime.
Personally I think everything should be priced so I could overindulge as much as I wanted :p

ViVy said...

amo a rilakkuma!!!

saradippity said...

If you grew a tiny ivy out of it, like Pussy's Ears, it would look like it has green dreadlocks. I did that with a hollowed out mannequin head once.