Nov 24, 2009

Mug week continues!

Since I post at such strange times (the last post was in the middle of the night), it might appear that I posted two mugs in one day.


I did not! Although there’s no guarantee that I won’t do just that anyway. You never know!


Beautiful Totoro mugs from If they weren’t so expensive, I would have already bought the set. They’re all frilly and cute, and perfect for a cup of green tea ^_^




Now please make this evil cold go away… *sniffle*



ETA: Oh no, looks like the cups sold out only a few hours after I posted about them!

There are a couple of other, similar ones available – not quite as cute (that would be nearly impossible), but still. If simpler, less frilly cups are more to your taste, you might even like these better :)

totoro_china_j79_small  totoro_china_j84_small


saradippity said...

Must have!!!! Omg, I hope they have them in stock in the spring when the money fairy visits...

Marte said...

Looks like they're already sold out! They were there earlier today when I made the post. I hope they'll get them back...

Where do I get me one of those money fairies?

Gentian said...

I love those!! Anything Totoro is expensive it seems. :( Too bad they are all sold out. I like the non frilly ones, cause I like the shape of mugs like those ^__^

Marte said...

I've noticed, all the Totoro stuff is crazy expensive. Doesn't prevent me from wanting it, though :p

The mugs without handles are still available :) I need handles, I drink my tea hot enough to burn my fingers if there's no handle - learned that the hard way!