Nov 9, 2009

A lot more knitting than finishing

I suffer from startitis. It’s a very serious condition, and leads to many a knitting project being sad and alone in my knitting bag. It also means that I never have the right needles, because they’re already in use somewhere else.


BUT these are impossible not to finish (Ok, so they’re crocheted, not knitted… but still). It’s basically the same pattern as the flower tawashi, just larger so I can use them as coasters. I used to hate coasters – before I discovered how quick they are to make, and way before we got nice tables that get ugly wet marks from glasses.


flowerstack flowers2


The colours are purely coincidental, I used what I had left from other projects. Need more purple flowers, but I haven’t found cheap purple cotton locally.

My favourite so far is the white one with pointy petals – I’ll be making more like that!



In other news, I’ve decided to lower the prices on all my patterns. Why? Because a few days ago I realized that downloadable patterns have become more and more expensive lately, so this is my little protest.

Now, I have nothing against complex patterns costing a bit, that seems fair to me. But when patterns for very simple, small things like booties, scarves, dishcloths etc. start costing as much as what a pattern for a pretty lace shawl used to cost, it gets annoying. I can buy a book for $10+ (on sale, but still), so why would I pay nearly as much for one single, basic pattern that I can easily make just from looking at the picture? I’m all for supporting designers, but it has to be worth it for me as a customer as well.

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