Nov 23, 2009

How sad is it…

that I still haven’t finished anything at all since my last post? I’ve started new projects, frogged old projects, frogged new projects… but finished anything? Nope. The closest I got was today, when I dug out the trusty old sewing machine to seam some raw edges on a bed sheet. At least that I managed to do. With black thread on a purple piece of fabric, because somehow, without me noticing, I ran out of thread. No white, no purple, just black. Yes, those are the only colours I got around to buying in the first place – should say a little something about my taste!


No pictures of knitting in this post, because I’ve packed the camera in my hospital bag. I guess I’ll have to get it back out before the 21st anyway, but right now it seems like too much work.


I’ll leave you with a link to a very pretty mug. If I didn’t already have two nice coffee mugs, I’d beg for this one for christmas. (It would be great for a humongous portion of hot chocolate, though… if you can handle the sugar rush! I guess tea could be acceptable as well.)


What’s first on your wishlist? Please don’t say world peace, I want eye candy here :p




P.S: TV is very, very boring at 3am. Just so you know.


Yarn Princess said...

First on my wish list? YARN! ;)

But I'd love to add that cup as well. Where did you find it?????

Marte said...

Clicky the picture, it's available on Etsy :)

Yarn Princess said...

YEA!!! A new favorite seller. I used to collect mugs. It seems to run in the family. My aunt has several hundred! [shiver] I feel an old obsession coming back. Maybe I can keep it under control. :) Or not.

Marte said...

Control is overrated :p