Nov 16, 2009

The crib is in place!

…and what a nightmare it was to assemble! But we managed, at last, after having to take it partially apart a couple of times. It’s not the first piece of furniture we’ve assembled, but it was very close to becoming the last, ending its days in a bonfire with two very tired, very annoyed parents-to-be dancing around.


Instead it’s all ready, in the bedroom, waiting for a baby.


Won’t be long now:


I’ve never seen such a huge crib, but then we did go for the convertible solution, so it will become a toddler bed/day bed at some point. It’s one of those 4-in-1 things. It can also be turned into a twin bed with some additional hardware.

I can just imagine our daughter 16 years from now, begging for a new bed:

“But mooooom, I’ve had this bed since I was born!”

“Tough luck kiddo, after all the suffering your dad and I had to go through to assemble it, you’ll be sleeping in that bed until you’re 40, at the very least! When I was young I had to sleep on the floor! Now go do your homework.”


Aside from that, I’ve knitted some baby bibs. I figured they could be useful. A couple in cotton for general food mess (probably won’t need those for a while), and a small one in soft superwash wool to catch drool. Such a lovely concept :p I will probably make more of those, but for the rest I’m considering using my bluebell bib pattern instead, since, well, it’s really cute.

My sentences are crazy today.


simpleyellowbib simplebib kerchiefbib

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