Nov 1, 2009

Crappy pictures of nice blanket

This must be one of the softest baby blankets ever. Knitted with two strands of Knitpicks Crayon in purple and white, it only took me two days of half-assed knitting to finish. Thank you, 8mm needles! I’ll admit I don’t usually like knitting with really thick needles, but this time it worked. The bouclĂ© fills out the stitches nicely and makes it look less sloppy.


The crappy pictures? I totally blame the cam. It washes out bright whites no matter what I do. Daylight? Tried. Messing with the white balance? Tried. Flash? Tried, despite knowing better. It just does not want to obey me. Or I’m really clueless. Nah, it’s the cam. Definitely the cam. (Can you tell I want a new cam? I’m so tired of arguing with the superslow nightmare that is my digicam, I could scream).


blanket2 blanket1


Now I only have one blanket to finish, and I’m getting close with that one as well. About time, been working on it since May. Tiny needles and thin yarn = bad idea when the patience has gone missing.

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