Nov 28, 2009

Tea for one set

Another Decole set. I can’t find it for sale anywhere, these images are from flickr. How adorably cute is this, though?

mug1  mug2



Adding a couple more, because they’re too cute for words.

If I could find the ladybug one for sale anywhere (and the bowls, and the cookie jar, and the chopstick rest), I’d be all over it! I did find it in Japan, but since I can’t read Japanese, that’s not terribly helpful.

てんとうtea for one てんとうキャニスター

And a strawberry set, because, well, I love strawberries. Sorry though, it’s out of stock. Seems to be a common theme with Decole.



Gentian said...

Those are all so cute!! It would make tea drinking even better.

Marte said...

Exactly what I keep on saying! Cute makes everything better :)