Oct 11, 2009

Wow, that was fast!

Note to self: Knit baby socks when in need of instant gratification.




The pattern used is Simply Sweet Socks – you have to be a Ravelry user to access it.


Gentian said...

So cute! ^__^

Nicole said...

I don't often comment on the blogs I follow, but those socks are adorable! I love the colour!

Amy said...

Very cute and I have to follow your recommendation that baby socks are instant gratification. I have a phobia towards knitting socks - need to try out one soon!

Lili said...

Great little socks.
I was wondering if the litle id suare from ravelry was a cross stich pattern you came up with or it was from a pattern book.It's really cute, and I would like to make one.

Happyface said...

That's adorable!! Ughers, I must try socks once I get past my knit-block. =D

Marte said...

Nicole: The colour choice was random, I just happened to have some yarn left over. Ok, maybe not THAT random, I mean, I mostly buy purple yarn :p Thanks for coming out of hiding, it's always fun to receive comments :)

Amy: Socks aren't hard to knit, they're in fact very, very easy. Just don't start with fingering weight yarn, or you might go insane (depending on your patience) I like knitting socks in heavier yarns, but you couldn't pay me enough to make thin, fingering weight socks - it takes too freaking long!

Lili: Answered your PM on Ravelry :)