Oct 8, 2009

Theme Thursday – Neat craft stuff

It’s been a while since I did one of these. Blame getting pregnant and obsessing over other things, because that’s pretty much what happened. But I’ve found so many neat things lately, so why not share!



A pack of 200 assorted rainbow buttons! The picture tempted me so much, I ended up buying two packs – you know, just to make sure I won’t run out for a while. Can’t wait to receive them!




A very Halloween inspired project bag. They keep on selling out, it seems to be a popular design. Purple, kitties and Halloween – yes, definitely a winner!




Rubberstamps that are decorative even when not in use. The only problem would be to choose just one…

Hint: If you want to find more things in this style than you could ever afford, go to Etsy and search for “decole”. (I take no responsibility for empty bank accounts after doing this.)



measuringelephant measuringtape

If you need a measuring tape anyway, why not make it a cute one? The pink bear is on its way to me as we speak… ahem…



patterntamers patterntamers2

Pattern tamers; something I never knew I needed before I saw them. No turning back now. Skulls or polka dots, the choice is hard!




Guess what this is! No, really, guess!

No? Ok. It’s a tape cutter, in the shape of a little bird. A WOODEN bird, even. You never have to own anything without a personality ever again! Thank you, Japan!




Last, but not least, the prettiest yarn bowl I’ve ever seen. I love how simple it is. Sadly, it’s not available anymore, and I’m too afraid of the cost to ask for a custom one.


jessica said...

Oh, I love those buttons! Looks like colorful candy.

Marte said...

They're irresistible! I think I'll have to keep mine in a pretty jar so I can see them all the time :)

what_ho said...

pattern tamers is brand new to me!

Every inanimate object having a personality.. hmm I think that's a good way to go! :p

Happyface said...

Oh Marte. Marte, Marte, Marte. You are in trouble. xD I'm telling my fiance that this bloggy woman I've been reading has been inspiring me to buy more stuff. I love the buttons! Jar. Good idea. I want.

I agree with what_ho. Personality = win.

Amrita said...

Oh wow! What an awesome set of stuff! Loved the buttons, the tape cutter (such cute ones!) - reminds me of Zakka creations in Japan - small, cute and functional. Also, adore the yarn bowl - pretty much everything you have shown in the pics - heh!

Marte said...

Happyface: Sorry, I take no responsibility for possible shopping sprees :p I'm a bad, bad enabler! (you know you love it!)

Amrita: This is what too many hours spent browsing Etsy will do to a person, my wishlist is a mile long!

Amrita said...

I know and I love it - the fact that you are tempting us to buy more! :) :p

Gentian said...

I'll have to look for that Bear tape measure at Daiso. I see it has their logo on the package. So cute!! Also love the colourful buttons.

Marte said...

You're so lucky to have stores like that available! Oh wait, I've said that before :p
I don't suppose they have an online store?