Oct 29, 2009

Theme Thursday – More neat tools

It makes me happy that almost every craft related tool out there seems to be available in so many shapes and styles – making things with more personal tools just adds to the experience, in my opinion. No more boring generic scissors, or ugly thimbles. Want scissors shaped like a ladybug? Prefer skulls? Both are possible! The only problem is to choose a favourite.


Which one would you pick? I can’t decide. I’m leaning towards ladybug and skulls (nope, couldn’t cut it down to just one – besides, they have different uses!)

cutterbee  ladybugscissors  luckyscissors  scissorsmorningglory


Encase your fingertip in candy a pretty thimble to avoid stabbing it. Or get one of each and wear as crazylady finger jewelry…



I don’t really need to say how much I love these, right? Especially the black and yellow one, since I have a special place in my heart for the old vintage Singer machines.

retro50stin  retrosingertin


Gotta catch them all! Well, collect. Because they’re colourful and stuff.

chibiblue  chibigreen  chibiorange  chibipink


Gentian said...

The Scissors are so great. I would get the lady bug and the Skulls ones as well. Also I love the chibi needle container!

Marte said...

I already have two of the chibi needle sets - they're actually very good tapestry needles, so there's both function and form :) Anything that prevents me from losing needles all over the place is good.