Oct 10, 2009

Some random pictures from today


This is why I have a blanket in my chair. Well, that and the fact that the blanket is purple.








A baby blanket in progress – currently on a stitch holder because I can only knit plain garter stitch for so long without losing my mind. This is the second blanket in mostly plain garter stitch I’m making. The other one is Jared Flood’s Tweed baby blanket. In doubled lace yarn. I’m not sure I’ll ever have it in me to finish these.




The reason why the blanket is on a stitch holder: I needed the needles for socks. Tiny baby socks. In worsted weight, so I wouldn’t have to go crazy with yet another tiny gauge project.



Gentian said...

That looks like a really good lunch! Your blanket is coming along well. Looks like it will be very pretty! ^__^

Amy said...

Oh thank goodness for good old garter stitch - for mindless knitting! The Tweed Baby Blanket is so fascinating and pretty. Amazing how he turns garter stitch into something so magical, isn't it? Love all of Jared's designs. The lunch looks very appetizing :)

Happyface said...

No idea what garter stitch is, but.... I love the pictures!

Marte said...

Gentian: The lunch was as tasty as it looks. Must make that again soon, I still have big shrimps in the freezer!

Amy: Normally I have nothing against garter stitch, but these days it seems to drive me batty.
I love a lot of Jared's designs as well, he really has an eye for design.

Happyface: Garter stitch is when you knit every single row, back and forth, forever and ever :p It's very squishy and warm, and I love how it looks.