Oct 24, 2009

Recipe for meatballs

A couple of people requested the recipe I use for meatballs, so here it is. I found it in a Norwegian newspaper a few years ago, the only thing changed is the meat used (not a fan of veal), and the occasional Worchestershire sauce.


4 servings

500g (1 pound) each of ground pork and lean ground beef. Or just beef. I like mixing it up a bit because pork is cheaper.

1-2 onions, minced (really, you want this as tiny as possible – tossing it in a food processor would be the easiest way, if you’re lucky enough to have one)

2-3 eggs, depending on how large they are

1 tsp fennel seeds

2 tsp coriander seeds

1/4-1/2 tsp ground nutmeg

2 tsp salt


Optional: a splash or three of Worchestershire sauce


Margarine or butter for frying. Or just use Pam, whichever, it all works.


Grind coriander and fennel. Put eggs, spices and onion in a bowl, mix it all together. Add meat, mix well so everything is nicely blended.


Shape smallish meatballs and fry them – smaller meatballs taste better than large ones, although it takes forever to make that many. I usually go for about a handful of meatball mix, which makes a medium sized ball.


Serve with brown gravy (I cheat and use either powdered or canned meatball gravy from St. Hubert, if you happen to be in Quebec it should be easy to find), boiled potatoes and lingonberry jam for ultimate nommage :)


These are perfect for making in huge batches to freeze for later. I just defrost some in the gravy for a quick dinner.


Amrita said...

Wow! Awesome recipe. Can't wait to try this out although my preference would lean towards chicken. I'm also going to make my version spicier! :)

Marte said...

Do with it whatever you want :) This recipe is for Swedish style meatballs, which is why they're not so spicy.

saradippity said...

Mmm, those look yummy! I've been thinking about making meatballs a lot too, stroke of luck that you posted this!