Oct 2, 2009

Flowery sunhat

I started this one last night, and it’s already done! Once I got past the beginning, because I had to try both brim versions to see which one I liked, it was a super fast knit!


Unblocked, side view:



Isn’t that a pretty colour? I used Knitpicks Shine worsted in crocus. Love that yarn so much!


My notes from Ravelry (hey, it’s silly to type it out twice!):


A very fast, easy knit!

I made the smallest size, because I was not sure one skein of Shine Worsted would be enough for the larger sizes. Seems like I was right, I only have a tiny ball left.

I knit one row before starting the pattern, since doing lifted increases on the very first row just doesn’t look good.
I also omitted row 4 of the pattern repeat, for a slightly shorter brim and to save yarn.


As for later tonight, there’s another hat I want to start – for myself, this time. It’s a special treat, I even got a skein of pretty sock yarn specifically for that. I’ve never ever bought yarn that cost $20 before – still haven’t, in fact, since Jeff bought this one for me :)


Oh, and I’m going to make soup. I have tomato sauce, V8, lentils, soy beans, peas (not convinced about the peas, they might get to stay in the pantry a while longer), onion, garlic, various veggies, and ancho chili plus a good curry powder. It’s an experiment, I want a spicy, hearty soup. don’t want to look at recipes first, because it’s more fun when I don’t :)


Happyface said...

First, I love your blog. The shiny things, the pens, the .. everything! =D You sound like me, a little bit. Except I obsess over orange, not purple. And I think I love you for posting pen reviews... those adorable pens. I need to start collecting those again. Second, congrats on the pregnancy.

Finally, just know you have a beginner (and a new fan) at your blog now! I'm trying to get into knitting and such, I'm going to be buying ... er.. some beginner stuff today.

I've never actually knitted anything!! Any suggestions? I think so far I'm getting yarn, knitting needles, sewing needles, and a size G crochet hook? I want to make shiny, cosy, yarny things... D= Help me.

Marte said...

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoy my blog :)

As for your questions:
I assume you want the crochet hook to pick up lost stitches etc? It's a useful thing to have.
Seems like you have your tools in order.

What kind of yarny things do you want to make? I mean, dishcloths and scarves are easy beginner projects, but some people get bored with them (scarves in particular, they take a while).

I don't know if you've bought yarn yet, but if you haven't, do yourself a favour and stay away from the acrylics. A nice, worsted weight wool yarn is my favourite for simple, cozy projects. That and a pair of US 8 needles should make for a good start - you can knit hats, armwarmers etc. flat and seam up the back.

Happyface said...

Somewhere I read told me crochet hooks would be useful for something, and a size G to H would be preferable. So I got those.

I just checked. Yay, the yarns I got are not acrylics. They *are* worsted, quite by accident. I read somewhere that worsted wasn't the best option for beginners? But worsted looks so comfy and I got the best colors.

I want to start off easy, so yes, hats, armwarmers, etc, are great. Thanks for your reply. :D Now to read your new entries...

Marte said...

Worsted is great for beginners, it's not too thick and not too thin, so you can easily see what you're doing :)