Sep 22, 2009

Today I:

- got a lovely surprise in the mail!


- enjoyed my new glider chair thoroughly, while knitting on the baby bell bottoms


- didn’t sleep all that much so yes, I look tired

- went outside for a walk, also

- ate breakfast in a bar because the place we wanted to eat at was closed… overpriced frozen pizza, but meh, we didn’t go there for the food (or the alcohols, no worries), we went to hang out with a friend.

- ate brownies that hubby baked for us (yum)

- contemplated knitting myself a red hat, looked for pretty red yarn online. Then started wishing for a purple striped sweater I saw at the mall… then wanted to dye my hair blackish purple. Simple dreams, I have them.

- caught Sally sleeping in the most adorable position (she’s holding her leg!) She was even cuter, but our cats are experts at hiding the best from the camera.





SewSweetStitches said...

oooh I love your socks!

Gentian said...

A cute Jack Skelington Onesie! I love it.

Also brownies and a cute kitty photo, sounds like a nice day :)

Marte said...

SewSweetStitches: So do I :D I'm completely addicted to!

Gentian: The onesie is absolutely adorable, a friend saw it and thought about me - so perfect :)
The day was indeed nice!