Sep 14, 2009

A little baby jacket

…purple, of course!

I used Knitpicks Swish in Wisteria for this. I was worried it might turn out too small, but nope, because holy crap it grew once blocked :) Now the size looks just right!


Next in line is the Baby bell bottoms, and after that the Seamless kimono sweater.

I should make another few pairs of booties and mitts, since I gave away the first ones I made, but at the moment it’s way too much fun to knit slightly larger things.




Just because I took pictures, here are some of my favourite buttons from the big badass bag:


I especially love #1 and 5 (they’re tiny and cute)!

I also found some sets of matching buttons, AND some wooden toggles – the latter will be used for me, me, me, for a cardigan I will make sometime in the future.


Gentian said...

It turned out so well! :D The Kimono Sweater is very cute. Will look nice with the pants :)

Marte said...

Thank you :)
I love this baby knitting thing, so fast and cheap compared to clothes for myself! Although I'd like a new sweater too sometime.