Sep 11, 2009

I maded this in bed

…because it was nice and comfortable in there. Don’t tell hubby that I did something requiring sewing needles IN BED – he wouldn’t like that much (oh hai Jeff, guess I told you myself!)


I only did the neck strap yesterday, btw. The little felted pouch for my Zune is about a year old. It’s lined in Japanese fabric with mushroom and strawberry print.

The sock? Let’s just call it a screen cleaner. I originally made it for my keychain sock blocker, but it turned out too small. Why yes, of course I had to find some way of showing it off anyway, it’s stripey and purple!




The foam thingies are different colours so I can tell left from right without having to look for the tiny letters they hide so well. That, and it gave me another excuse to accessorise!


I would have taken daylight pictures, but I slept all through the reign of the day star today!

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