Sep 15, 2009



Knitting while Jeff does computerin' - it's nicer to turn the sofa around and talk to him instead of watching tv. Note the beautiful cardboard box, aka IKEA foot rest :p
Oh, and my dress is new. Well, second hand new, anyway! Not bought for maternity wear, but it does the job :) I love etsy for vintage clothes!


(cross-posted from facebook, just because)

Hmm, I need more stripey socks, only have this pair and one other left!


Sara said...

i love your box ottoman! i have a tv tray for my "studio" right now >.<

Your socks are awesome and that dress is adorable - is it embroidered on the edging?

Marte said...

The edging isn't embroidered, it has pretty ribbons and ric-rac sewn on - which is the reason why I fell in love with it! At $18 it was a cheap crush too :p

Amrita said...

Lovely dress! Amazing isn't it, the stuff we can find sometimes? Your socks look just adorable - love the bright, cheerful colors!!

String said...

You are so cute and brightly colored and preggo. I just wanna squoosh you and steal your socks.

ViVy said...

I'm reading your post from my work and you don't know the desire that I have at the moment to be as well as your, sitting conveniently at home weaving.

Marte said...

Amrita: Oh yes, I love hunting for pretty, unusual things :)

String: You can squoosh me, but please let me keep my socks, they're too cheap to become a thief for :p

Vivy: At least your back doesn't hurt from being pregnant?