Sep 27, 2009

Pantsu! Finished!

Aren’t they cute? Knitpicks Shine is so, so soft and lovely. It covered me in fluff while knitting, but so has every other cotton yarn I’ve used done, and they weren’t nearly as pleasant while doing it.


I don’t know when these will actually fit – I’m hoping for 3-6 months, but time will show. Because I have absolutely no idea how big or small babies are, I just know that they grow fast.



Sep 22, 2009

Today I:

- got a lovely surprise in the mail!


- enjoyed my new glider chair thoroughly, while knitting on the baby bell bottoms


- didn’t sleep all that much so yes, I look tired

- went outside for a walk, also

- ate breakfast in a bar because the place we wanted to eat at was closed… overpriced frozen pizza, but meh, we didn’t go there for the food (or the alcohols, no worries), we went to hang out with a friend.

- ate brownies that hubby baked for us (yum)

- contemplated knitting myself a red hat, looked for pretty red yarn online. Then started wishing for a purple striped sweater I saw at the mall… then wanted to dye my hair blackish purple. Simple dreams, I have them.

- caught Sally sleeping in the most adorable position (she’s holding her leg!) She was even cuter, but our cats are experts at hiding the best from the camera.




Sep 17, 2009



A little bit of progress the last few days:



The reason why I didn’t knit more? Well, aside from not being able to find a comfortable position to knit in, I mean:


(If you like silly games, you’ll want both of these. Now. In fact, if you like games at all, get them! I’m not kidding! Gogogo!)


I’ll admit it, I’m spoiled. Hubby likes spoiling me, so who am I to object? :p

Sep 15, 2009



Knitting while Jeff does computerin' - it's nicer to turn the sofa around and talk to him instead of watching tv. Note the beautiful cardboard box, aka IKEA foot rest :p
Oh, and my dress is new. Well, second hand new, anyway! Not bought for maternity wear, but it does the job :) I love etsy for vintage clothes!


(cross-posted from facebook, just because)

Hmm, I need more stripey socks, only have this pair and one other left!

Sep 14, 2009

A little baby jacket

…purple, of course!

I used Knitpicks Swish in Wisteria for this. I was worried it might turn out too small, but nope, because holy crap it grew once blocked :) Now the size looks just right!


Next in line is the Baby bell bottoms, and after that the Seamless kimono sweater.

I should make another few pairs of booties and mitts, since I gave away the first ones I made, but at the moment it’s way too much fun to knit slightly larger things.




Just because I took pictures, here are some of my favourite buttons from the big badass bag:


I especially love #1 and 5 (they’re tiny and cute)!

I also found some sets of matching buttons, AND some wooden toggles – the latter will be used for me, me, me, for a cardigan I will make sometime in the future.

Sep 11, 2009

I maded this in bed

…because it was nice and comfortable in there. Don’t tell hubby that I did something requiring sewing needles IN BED – he wouldn’t like that much (oh hai Jeff, guess I told you myself!)


I only did the neck strap yesterday, btw. The little felted pouch for my Zune is about a year old. It’s lined in Japanese fabric with mushroom and strawberry print.

The sock? Let’s just call it a screen cleaner. I originally made it for my keychain sock blocker, but it turned out too small. Why yes, of course I had to find some way of showing it off anyway, it’s stripey and purple!




The foam thingies are different colours so I can tell left from right without having to look for the tiny letters they hide so well. That, and it gave me another excuse to accessorise!


I would have taken daylight pictures, but I slept all through the reign of the day star today!

Sep 7, 2009

Cutest hat ever!



It’s the Cupcake hat from Itty Bitty Nursery by Susan B. Anderson. I love her designs, they’re all so cute and unusual :)

The hat is knitted in Knit Picks Shine Sport (the pink + the cherry on top), and Knit Picks Crayon (the frosting).


I think it should fit a small baby head, but time will show. It would be really nice to have a doll or something to try things on for now!