Aug 18, 2009

I got rid of some hair (ok, a lot)

…and it feels so incredibly light and relieving! I’m not made to have long hair, it gets way too warm for me.


So, now what? Do I dye it purple again, or do I keep it blond? I haven’t stayed blond for more than a week or two since I was 13. I like purple. But I’m also lazy.


(I know that in a week, at most, it will probably be purple again. It’s just like that)




I’m very satisfied with the cut, btw. It was worth every cent of the $21 it ended up costing :p


ViVy said...

me gusta el cambio!
ahora tengo el pelo largo, pero lo tuve corto y era super comodo!

Marte said...

Thank you :)

I think long hair is pretty too, just not for me!

bagheraa said...

Pretty! It suits you!

I think you looked really good with purple hair (but you shouldn't really be dying your hair when you're pregnant, should you..? Or is it just around here they are saying that?)

Marte said...

I don't use a dye with harsh chemicals, could leave it in all week if I felt like it. So no danger to baby at all :)

bagheraa said...

That's good to hear!! Then I say - go for purple!!

Amrita said...

Oh gosh! Funny this should come at a time when I am thinking of chopping off my locks. You inspire me to cut off my hair! I too am the same - love love short hair - makes you look sassy and cute at the same time! Never made for long hair - just don't have the patience!

Love your cut and purple suits you greatt! :)

Marte said...

Thank you :)

Yes, yes, cut your hair! It's so cool and light, and cute, and, and...