Aug 31, 2009

A bib, buttons, and buttons with a bib

Look what hubby’s grandmother brought me yesterday!

Yes, that’s a huge bag full of vintage buttons. I will empty them all in a huge box and run my fingers through them!

*ahem* – and use some for their intended purpose, of course.

On that subject, here’s a bib. It’s not just any bib, it’s more like a collar. To catch drool, you know. This particular one is made in Bernat Handicrafter cotton, which is hardly the softest thing around. Didn’t want to use my nice yarn to experiment. I’m very satisfied with the result, so there will be a lot more of these, in various sizes, I suppose. And softer yarn, of course.


Back (the buttons are from the big badass bag of buttony beauty)

I really like bluebells. And flowers. I see a daisy in the future!

Button-bag with bib. Look how proud it is!


SewSweetStitches said...

Gahh! I'm oozing with jealousy. And hey cutest bib ever! :)

Amrita said...

How cute! Wow - awesome collection of buttons! I too love buttons, just like you :) Very cute bib!

Marte said...

Thank you both :)

It's very useful to have access to a lifetime of craft stash - even though the person in question did it more for practical reasons. So far I've received a crapload of knitting needles, crochet hooks, some yarn, embroidery thread, and the best of all, the bag of buttons.
She loves seeing what I make, so of course I love showing her :p

Amy said...

Love the baby bib!! Thanks for sharing,Amy