Jul 3, 2009

Taking a break

In between all the moving stuff (ok, I didn’t do THAT much, since I tend to get dizzy/nauseous every time I get too warm… and I get warm fast!), I knitted this towel thing to cover my belly in the bathtub. Because belly felt lonely, poking out of the water.

Oh, and yes, WE HAVE A BATHTUB! I have celebrated this properly by taking baths every single day since we got access to the apartment. Jeff thought I was being weird when I insisted on enjoying a chocolate muffin in the tub… don’t argue with the pregnant woman, when I want to eat, I want to eat! :p And so I did. With the promise that he would get a free pass to tease me if he found crumbs in my hair after.


Hello! We’re finally done moving out from the old place, and cleaning it… if it hadn’t been for Jeff’s mother and grandmother, we would still have been cleaning. Urgh. Yay for help!

Now we only have to find places to put all our stuff. I had no idea we owned so much crap. My stash of craft supplies is scary. That’s what I get for wanting to try everything. I have beads I’ll probably never use, same for the unopened books about beading. Turns out I’m more of a fibre person. What a surprise. I gave up on making jewellery when I realized how much it’d cost to get all the parts. So much easier to just grab some knitting needles and yarn.


Hello, btw. Look, we’re growing! *points* -->


Bradkey T Ruffin said...


ViVy said...

que lindo verte con la pancita!
te mando un abrazo!

Gentian said...

Glad you have the new place! Haha I think that about my collection of yet to be used sketch books! But it's okay when you think you don't need it is when you find a need for it ^__^

Lovely blanket, and eating chocolate muffins in the bathtub sounds like a splendid time.

Morgan said...

you're looking so absolutely pretty!!!!!!!! sounds real nice your new place, congrats!!!!!

Marte said...

Vivy: Thank you :) I think I understood what you meant, despite google being of little help.

Gentian: Eating in the bathtub is one of my new favourite past times. Good thing I'm all out of muffins!
I really don't think I'll ever need my beading books, but maybe someday... who knows!

Morgan: Thank you :) I love our new place, will post pictures as soon as we get all the furniture and stuff.