Jul 12, 2009


I have a severe case of it. I keep on starting new projects, but get bored before finishing it. So far, there’s a baby blanket, a baby hat, booties, a headband, a pair of socks… all of that, waiting to be finished. That’s not counting all the things I started and frogged. I just don’t find knitting all that enjoyable these days, but am not quite sure what else to do with myself.

Well, aside from emptying all the boxes… but I don’t know where to put everything! I think we’ll have some work to do when hubby starts his vacation. At least the kitchen, living room and bathroom are mostly done. Just have to get rid of those boxes… arrgh, I hate them.


Since I have accomplished nothing else since the last time, here are a few pictures of the apartment.



Kitchen, where I of course forgot to remove the broken plastic thingie before taking the picture. It’s gone now, I promise. Both the oven and the fridge are brand new, and I lovelovelove them! See that small cupboard right below the toaster? The cats claimed that one. There’s an opening between the door and the shelves, where they can get in. It’s their favourite place to hide, so we let them keep it. A small compromise as long as they don’t jump on the counter.

We’ll get a dining table here eventually, there’s plenty of space for it.



The finished part of the living room. On the opposite wall, there’s a computer desk, and hopefully soon a couple of chairs to go with it. We even have a side table next to the sofa. I’ve never had a side table in my life!



Two of the kitties enjoying the new, huge window. We all love it! I walked for 2 1/2 hours in HOT weather to get the curtains. Because I was so afraid someone else would buy them first. Yeah.

The speakers that Sally is relaxing on will not stay here. We just haven’t tossed them out yet, and hey, the cats like them.


If you’ve already seen the photos on facebook, I’m sorry. (not really)


Now, what do I eat…


Gentian said...

I definitely have a case of Startitis too. I have too many unfinished things laying about! I'm trying to rectify that. I love the new place! It looks great. I understand about the boxes. I have a bunch cut down in the corner waiting to put out in the recycling. Bleh.

Yarn Princess said...

Count me in for Startitis. I've had it for years. I can't even count how many WIPs I have going. But I am currently treating it, going through the multitude of tote bags (one project = one tote) and deciding what I really have a chance of finishing and frogging the ones I don't. I'm gonna have a lot of yarn to deal with!!!!

Michelle said...

Very nice place!!! I love it :)

Marte said...

Gentian: The worst thing about the boxes here, is that they aren't even empty... we haven't finished unpacking yet :p

Yarn Princess: I'm usually very good at finishing projects, so this startitis thing is driving me nuts. You're very good for dealing with it. Personally I'd rather do the dishes right now.

Michelle: Thank you, so do we :)