Jul 25, 2009

My kind of garden!

Jeff’s mother gave us a very nice gift the other day. Since we now actually have a place to keep it, she bought us a bunch of herbs and some vegetable plants so we can have our very own little garden. Everything is edible! I love this, because we always end up having to throw some herbs since they don’t keep forever in the fridge.


As you can see, I’m not very big on “useless” plants. Just looking pretty isn’t enough, it has to at least smell good (which is not necessary here, we’re surrounded by lilac trees), or taste good.




From bottom to top, the flower pots contain: Cherry tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, and 2 pots with sweet peppers.



The tomatoes :)



MMMMM jalapenos!!!


The hanging containers:


From left to right, we have coriander, basil, thyme and garlic chives.



Lemon balm, mint, violets and tarragon. The tarragon still looks a little bit sad from the transplant, but it’s getting better!


Grow fast, little herbs, I want to use you for cooking!


Eumi said...

I LOVE your garden! I had some sort of a vegetable patch, but I had to transfer them into pots since there's so much work being done in our backyard right now. I have some baby jalapeno peppers growing too! I don't know how to tell if they're ready for picking. What are you planning to make with your peppers? I need ideas please :)

Marte said...

I use jalapeno for just about everything :p In curries, fried rice, pasta sauce... marinades for chicken or beef... so many tasty options!
Same goes for sweet peppers, they go on everything within reason (so.. not on cake and in iced tea)

Seems like you always have work being done in your backyard ;)

Cindi said...

Hey, this looks like my deck. Our neighborhood is infested with deer and I find an actual in-the-ground garden a little intimidating, so went to container gardening for herbs and veg on the second-floor deck just out the door from the kitchen. Great minds!