Jul 22, 2009

Here I am

Still suffering from a serious case of not wanting to knit, crochet or otherwise make stuff. I blame the heat, no, the tiny stitches, no, being pregnant, no, the cats!

Oh what the heck, I just don’t feel like it, no need to blame anything.


Good thing I only need to eat to keep baby growing. THAT I can handle :p

I’m also great at doing dishes. Because it’s hard to eat if all the plates are dirty!


*goes to rummage through pantry, fridge and freezer*


In other news, my belly is lopsided. This amuses me to no end.


Some day I’ll finish the booties, blanket, hat, and whatever else I start working on. I promise.


Amrita said...

Trust me, you will get past the crochet/knit don't feel like doing anything block! Oh and you look gorgeous - positively glowing :)

Marte said...

Thank you :)

As for the knitting block, I'm pretty sure it will vanish into thin air as soon as we find out the sex. Right now I just keep on staring at cute dresses, not knowing if I can make them or not.

Amrita said...

Oh I can totally understand :) All those baby girl dresses are just soo cute!! Even though I don't have any kids of mine yet, I am always ready to knit something for a friend's daughter or son :)