Jul 25, 2009

I completely forgot

…to show this! I got a mini sock blocker keychain as a RAK a while ago. Here it is, purple sock and all, hanging out with my cute strawberry key cover.

The first sock I knitted turned out way too small, so this is the second attempt. Sock #1 is added to the dangly stuff on my mp3-player.


My kind of garden!

Jeff’s mother gave us a very nice gift the other day. Since we now actually have a place to keep it, she bought us a bunch of herbs and some vegetable plants so we can have our very own little garden. Everything is edible! I love this, because we always end up having to throw some herbs since they don’t keep forever in the fridge.


As you can see, I’m not very big on “useless” plants. Just looking pretty isn’t enough, it has to at least smell good (which is not necessary here, we’re surrounded by lilac trees), or taste good.




From bottom to top, the flower pots contain: Cherry tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, and 2 pots with sweet peppers.



The tomatoes :)



MMMMM jalapenos!!!


The hanging containers:


From left to right, we have coriander, basil, thyme and garlic chives.



Lemon balm, mint, violets and tarragon. The tarragon still looks a little bit sad from the transplant, but it’s getting better!


Grow fast, little herbs, I want to use you for cooking!

Jul 22, 2009

Here I am

Still suffering from a serious case of not wanting to knit, crochet or otherwise make stuff. I blame the heat, no, the tiny stitches, no, being pregnant, no, the cats!

Oh what the heck, I just don’t feel like it, no need to blame anything.


Good thing I only need to eat to keep baby growing. THAT I can handle :p

I’m also great at doing dishes. Because it’s hard to eat if all the plates are dirty!


*goes to rummage through pantry, fridge and freezer*


In other news, my belly is lopsided. This amuses me to no end.


Some day I’ll finish the booties, blanket, hat, and whatever else I start working on. I promise.

Jul 14, 2009

Sunny rain

Yes, it’s raining while the sun is shining. Very confusing weather. Pretty, though.


(See that road down there? In summer, every hour or so, a carriage pulled by two beautiful, huge horses passes by. Sometimes it’s nice to live in a touristy place!) 


(The view when it’s not raining. You can actually see the other side of the river! And the buoy that fills our nights with little lonely bell sounds. Makes me feel like I’m right next to the sea.

The phone cables annoy me, but the landlord didn’t want to pay Bell to have them underground, so meh. I’ll just focus below them!

See the yellow thing in the bottom right corner? That’s the top of a Bell car. Yes, we have our very own technician living next door. Very useful!)


While I was taking these pictures, the least intelligent of our cats made a run for freedom. He does that sometimes, if we leave the door open for more than two seconds. I still don’t get why he tries to escape, he’s utterly useless outside. He did manage to get away once, thanks to a window we thought were safe. The bull-headed little twat managed to push it open, and out he went.

My husband and his mother went to look for him, because people drive fast here, and there are bears and other wild animals around – the idiots in cars are the biggest danger, though.

Anyway, after a while they heard pitiful yowling from the side of the road. When they went to look, what did they see? Sebbie, in the middle of a small stream (REALLY small stream), terrified of getting wet so he just sat there, hoping for someone to save him.


(The least intelligent, most stubborn, loveable cat I have ever had the pleasure to know. This is an old picture, he’s a lot less slim now. Like a giant teddy bear.)

Oh, and then there was the time where he managed to get out of our room and escaped upstairs, where my MIL kept her two pitbull/german shepherd mixed dogs. Very sweet dogs, unless you’re a small animal. The stupid cat made GMIL cry, because she was so worried, and she loves that cat. Apparently he had managed to hide in a closet somewhere.

He’s lucky he has caring humans around.


Talk about getting sidetracked. The whole point of this post was supposed to be a couple of coasters I made yesterday. Here they are, to finish off my ramblings. They’re very bright! I also made a purple one for myself today, just because.

Jul 13, 2009

Surprise in the mail!

Last week I received a very thick envelope from New Zealand. Turns out, Susan had knitted a pair of super pretty purple socks for the baby! They’re the first baby item I have, and I love them :) She also included a set of bamboo dpns, which are very much appreciated, because I love knitting with bamboo so much more than metal.

Surprise presents are the best!


Jul 12, 2009


I have a severe case of it. I keep on starting new projects, but get bored before finishing it. So far, there’s a baby blanket, a baby hat, booties, a headband, a pair of socks… all of that, waiting to be finished. That’s not counting all the things I started and frogged. I just don’t find knitting all that enjoyable these days, but am not quite sure what else to do with myself.

Well, aside from emptying all the boxes… but I don’t know where to put everything! I think we’ll have some work to do when hubby starts his vacation. At least the kitchen, living room and bathroom are mostly done. Just have to get rid of those boxes… arrgh, I hate them.


Since I have accomplished nothing else since the last time, here are a few pictures of the apartment.



Kitchen, where I of course forgot to remove the broken plastic thingie before taking the picture. It’s gone now, I promise. Both the oven and the fridge are brand new, and I lovelovelove them! See that small cupboard right below the toaster? The cats claimed that one. There’s an opening between the door and the shelves, where they can get in. It’s their favourite place to hide, so we let them keep it. A small compromise as long as they don’t jump on the counter.

We’ll get a dining table here eventually, there’s plenty of space for it.



The finished part of the living room. On the opposite wall, there’s a computer desk, and hopefully soon a couple of chairs to go with it. We even have a side table next to the sofa. I’ve never had a side table in my life!



Two of the kitties enjoying the new, huge window. We all love it! I walked for 2 1/2 hours in HOT weather to get the curtains. Because I was so afraid someone else would buy them first. Yeah.

The speakers that Sally is relaxing on will not stay here. We just haven’t tossed them out yet, and hey, the cats like them.


If you’ve already seen the photos on facebook, I’m sorry. (not really)


Now, what do I eat…

Jul 3, 2009

Taking a break

In between all the moving stuff (ok, I didn’t do THAT much, since I tend to get dizzy/nauseous every time I get too warm… and I get warm fast!), I knitted this towel thing to cover my belly in the bathtub. Because belly felt lonely, poking out of the water.

Oh, and yes, WE HAVE A BATHTUB! I have celebrated this properly by taking baths every single day since we got access to the apartment. Jeff thought I was being weird when I insisted on enjoying a chocolate muffin in the tub… don’t argue with the pregnant woman, when I want to eat, I want to eat! :p And so I did. With the promise that he would get a free pass to tease me if he found crumbs in my hair after.


Hello! We’re finally done moving out from the old place, and cleaning it… if it hadn’t been for Jeff’s mother and grandmother, we would still have been cleaning. Urgh. Yay for help!

Now we only have to find places to put all our stuff. I had no idea we owned so much crap. My stash of craft supplies is scary. That’s what I get for wanting to try everything. I have beads I’ll probably never use, same for the unopened books about beading. Turns out I’m more of a fibre person. What a surprise. I gave up on making jewellery when I realized how much it’d cost to get all the parts. So much easier to just grab some knitting needles and yarn.


Hello, btw. Look, we’re growing! *points* -->

Jul 1, 2009

The chaos of moving!

Right now I’m in the bedroom in the new apartment. With three cats. One is hiding in her litterbox, one is glued to my lap (wait, make that two, litter-cat decided to move), and the third one is cowering inside an empty box.


Bigger update to follow, once we get settled in here :)