Jun 12, 2009

The sewing machine got some love

This is the result:

A small project bag for my knitting. Not much, and not perfect, but it’s a start. After ignoring my sewing machine for who knows how long (at least a year!), I finally took it out, oiled it and *gasp* used it! Now I just need more fabric, because one can never have too many pretty pouches.


In honour of my new bag and set of short DPNs, I ripped out the husband socks I’ve been working on (and off, mostly off) since October. Over the months I came to hate them. Which will not make for warm husband feet, so I started over on DPNs, with no fiddly, curly, kinky circular needles to deal with. I used to loathe knitting with DPNs, because all I had (and knew existed) were long, clumsy and metal. They must have been about 8” long, and heavy to boot. I learned on those. Another reason why I made one pair of socks when I was 12, then never did it again.

In fact, just thinking about knitting with them makes me cranky :p


StitchOrDie said...

it's supercute! and good for you, taking out your machine ^_^ hope you find more lovley fabrics!

a frog named purl said...

i bring for you a pen shaped cake form jet pens forum missy! ; )