Jun 2, 2009


My time the last few days has been divided evenly between spinning (and then plying successfully) some fiber I had, and being horizontal on the sofa. This pregnancy thing is exhausting. Oh, and lets not forget food! I eat, then half an hour later I’m starving again. Then I get tired from having to make food :p There is only one baby in there, I promise. The little bugger must have the appetite of triplets.


fun-markersA while ago we ordered some stuff from J-List. Barley tea (which is surprisingly good, it’s like drinking water with a mild taste of grains), Habanero chips (spicy!), and I got three scented markers and a scented eraser. Unfortunately, only the Hi-Chew strawberry marker actually smells something. Oh, and the eraser. They both make me want candy, and I have eraserconsidered the consequences of eating them more than a couple of times. I doubt they taste as good as they smell, though. The ramune marker (blue and red) and the Natchan marker don’t smell anything at all, not even to my currently superhuman nose. Oh well, they look cute anyway! 



The new yarn is drying right now, I will post pictures of it once it’s dry and there’s daylight. I’m still not sure if I like it or not – time will show!

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