Jun 9, 2009

Not much gets done

I just don’t feel like knitting. Still. I have a pretty baby blanket in the works, but so far it hasn’t grown much. Aside from that, I’m spinning some more yarn. See why I don’t post much? I have nothing to show! (Unless you want to see the gift of poop that one of the kitties is nice enough to leave for us whenever she gets grumpy.)

Soon there will be packing, then a new apartment. Well, not that soon. The new place isn’t available until the afternoon on the 30th of June, and we’ll have to be out of here by the 1st of July… maybe 2nd, if we’re lucky. Some pretty intense moving right there! I suspect I’ll be in charge of cleaning, since I’m useless at carrying heavy stuff.

Anyway. I received pretty rainbow pencils in the mail today! They’re lots of fun, and remind me of being 7 years old.

Just look:

And the tip:

I have 5 of them, so there’s no danger of running out!


Val said...

I love the Rainbow pencils; where can I find them?

Marte said...

I bought them from MagneticOriginals on etsy :)

Anonymous said...

I like!