Jun 4, 2009

Drying yarn takes longer than you’d think

Here it finally is, my very first handspun plied yarn. It’s so much more balanced compared to my singles, I can hardly believe it.

There are some ugly joins here and there, but that’s because I was a genius and decided to use scissors to cut the roving, to get rid of some colours I didn’t want mixed in.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Love the colors of the finished product. If you like making stuff from scratch you should try tablet weaving. You can make all sorts of useful things from tablet woven straps (belts, bag handles, etc). Barley water is pretty good, if you like grainy things you should try soba-cha or houji-cha. Japan's full of interesting tea flavors ^^ PS: Thanks for the tawashi tutorials, I linked to your page in my latest crochet post!
~MS the Younger ;)

Marte said...

Thank you :)
I have been thinking about trying tablet weaving actually, but I think I'll wait a little bit - yet another craft does not bide well for the doing of laundry, dishes and other such necessary things!

Soba-cha and houji-cha... any idea where I could find those? I haven't come across either before.

Your comment inspired me to update the linkdump post, so thank you for that (and the link) :) It was about time for an update!

Anonymous said...

No prob bob! It was a pleasure! As for various types of tea, try:

There are many Japanese food suppliers online as well, I've heard of other people doing well with them ^^ Sorry I can't help much, I can just go to the grocery store for this stuff, much harder to find in the US ^^;;;