Jun 17, 2009


Caught Sebbie being his usual slobby self, but this time he was enjoying something kitties are not supposed to enjoy. Silly cat. I’m certainly not volunteering to hold his hair when he gets sick.



3-ply this time, just for the fun of it :) It’s very pink and peach-ish, but I’m sure I can find something to use it for – seems like so many people are pregnant these days, I’m sure some of them would like something knitted.


Jun 12, 2009

The sewing machine got some love

This is the result:

A small project bag for my knitting. Not much, and not perfect, but it’s a start. After ignoring my sewing machine for who knows how long (at least a year!), I finally took it out, oiled it and *gasp* used it! Now I just need more fabric, because one can never have too many pretty pouches.


In honour of my new bag and set of short DPNs, I ripped out the husband socks I’ve been working on (and off, mostly off) since October. Over the months I came to hate them. Which will not make for warm husband feet, so I started over on DPNs, with no fiddly, curly, kinky circular needles to deal with. I used to loathe knitting with DPNs, because all I had (and knew existed) were long, clumsy and metal. They must have been about 8” long, and heavy to boot. I learned on those. Another reason why I made one pair of socks when I was 12, then never did it again.

In fact, just thinking about knitting with them makes me cranky :p

Jun 9, 2009

Not much gets done

I just don’t feel like knitting. Still. I have a pretty baby blanket in the works, but so far it hasn’t grown much. Aside from that, I’m spinning some more yarn. See why I don’t post much? I have nothing to show! (Unless you want to see the gift of poop that one of the kitties is nice enough to leave for us whenever she gets grumpy.)

Soon there will be packing, then a new apartment. Well, not that soon. The new place isn’t available until the afternoon on the 30th of June, and we’ll have to be out of here by the 1st of July… maybe 2nd, if we’re lucky. Some pretty intense moving right there! I suspect I’ll be in charge of cleaning, since I’m useless at carrying heavy stuff.

Anyway. I received pretty rainbow pencils in the mail today! They’re lots of fun, and remind me of being 7 years old.

Just look:

And the tip:

I have 5 of them, so there’s no danger of running out!

Jun 4, 2009

Drying yarn takes longer than you’d think

Here it finally is, my very first handspun plied yarn. It’s so much more balanced compared to my singles, I can hardly believe it.

There are some ugly joins here and there, but that’s because I was a genius and decided to use scissors to cut the roving, to get rid of some colours I didn’t want mixed in.

Jun 3, 2009

Uni-ball Signo DX – comparison of various colours

Someone wanted to know how the different colours compare, so here it is. I lack a few, because I didn’t bother to get green black, blue black and maybe a couple of others I can’t remember. But these are all the BRIGHT colours, and then some.

I hope it will help in choosing which pens to get for taking readable notes. Personally I love them all! It’s no secret that they’re both pretty and user friendly (aka not scratchy), for drawing and writing alike.

(Click picture for larger version)

Above: Daylight at around 4pm, with a little bit of retouching.

Below: Inside, with flash. The colours are more accurate in this one.

The pens in all their glory. The colours are in the same order as the writing sample.

My pencil case is now officially stuffed!

Jun 2, 2009


My time the last few days has been divided evenly between spinning (and then plying successfully) some fiber I had, and being horizontal on the sofa. This pregnancy thing is exhausting. Oh, and lets not forget food! I eat, then half an hour later I’m starving again. Then I get tired from having to make food :p There is only one baby in there, I promise. The little bugger must have the appetite of triplets.


fun-markersA while ago we ordered some stuff from J-List. Barley tea (which is surprisingly good, it’s like drinking water with a mild taste of grains), Habanero chips (spicy!), and I got three scented markers and a scented eraser. Unfortunately, only the Hi-Chew strawberry marker actually smells something. Oh, and the eraser. They both make me want candy, and I have eraserconsidered the consequences of eating them more than a couple of times. I doubt they taste as good as they smell, though. The ramune marker (blue and red) and the Natchan marker don’t smell anything at all, not even to my currently superhuman nose. Oh well, they look cute anyway! 



The new yarn is drying right now, I will post pictures of it once it’s dry and there’s daylight. I’m still not sure if I like it or not – time will show!