May 27, 2009

You spin me right round baby

(oh yes, very original, I know)


This is what I’ve been doing the last few days. Spinning!

First, the spindle you have seen before, made by Jesh. Blue, frosted resin. After some adjustments to the hook, it spins very nicely (and for so long!)



It holds a sample of pale blue tussah silk that came with the spindle pictured further down. I think I love spinning silk, it’s so amazingly soft and smooth.


The next one is from zebisisdesigns, it has a beautiful Brazilian agate whorl. I have a special place in my heart for semi-precious stones. It holds a sample of some pretty, purple locks that I don’t remember the details about. It also came with this spindle, so two samples and one spindle! It was a happy day indeed.



Close-up of the amazing whorl:


I haven’t attempted to ply anything yet, so that will be next. I keep on postponing it due to being a coward. I’m still very much a newbie at this spinning thing, but am enjoying it, and I tell myself that’s all that matters.


There’s another one on its merry way to me as well… a very light, very pretty mother-of-pearl spindle. But now I’m banned from looking at spindles for a while, it can get quite expensive ;) I just love how they’re like little pieces of jewellery that look beautiful AND can be useful at the same time.

I will never again think people with dozens of spindles are strange.

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