May 24, 2009


Yesterday I received the last two figures of the “Gothic Princess” Idolmaster series. Figured I would post them here, since I haven’t done anything useful all day. Unless spinning some lovely silk counts. Does that count? Anyway, no pictures of that now, so here are the pretty ladies, all ready to entertain :) No more toys for a while now – at least not this kind of toys.

(Oh, and I ate chocolate. Twice! How’s that for indulgence?)


Anonymous said...

spinning counts! You get the best-est toys!

Marte said...

I agree, I do!

Way more cool than custom shoes ;) Well, to me, at least.

B2-kun said...

Pretty nice collection of figurines! I used to pick a few random PVC sets every time I visited the West Coast.

Marte said...

These are all from the last year :p It all started with Arisa, (the girl with the guitar in the background), an $80 figurine we saw last summer and could not resist buying. Then it went downhill from there ;)