May 4, 2009

Today is a pink day! (and a little giveaway)

My very favourite colour is still purple, but not everything comes in purple (I know, the horror!)


First, adorable package from nothingelegant on etsy. She’s the provider of ninja-buns, and it only took 10 days to get all the way from Korea to me.

Isn’t that the neatest handwriting ever?


Meet my pink Zune (original, even, it has a pretty Catalina Estrada engraving on the back), along with its friends ninja-bun, pair of socks and strawberry! Because it just wouldn’t be complete without some dangly crap. Besides, ninja-bun is useful.


The neck strap is a knitted i-cord, it took me forever to make! I almost lost my patience, but like the trooper I am, I carried on! And on. And on.


Oh, you were wondering about the giveaway? Well, see, I can be a complete dork most of the time sometimes. I first ordered a soft pink ninja-bun, because I thought that would look oh, so neat with my Zune. Then I received it, and found it way too matchy-matchy, like I tried to match everything perfectly, but failed.

So I ordered another, hot pink bunny. Much better! But now I have a very lonely, unemployed ninja-bun, who would like nothing more than to keep your cords free of tangles!


All you have to do to adopt him, is to comment on this post. And maybe give him a name, I heard even cool ninja-buns like names! They feel more loved that way.


The winner will be chosen next Monday, so make sure you leave your comment before midnight (EST), Sunday May 10th. Nothing beats the Monday morning blues like adopting your very own ninja-bun!


Marisunnychan said...

Ohh lovely giveaway!! Thanks!

Morgan said...

mmmm... he's very cute!!! how about..... he looks so much like an Armando to me, but, hey, that's just me! Hope he finds a loving, caring home!!!

Gentian said...

It's so cute! I'm glad you got it. The Hot Pink one looks really nice with you Zune. I love the design of this. I think I might have to buy one sometime :)

Tzeni said...

Thats the cutest thing i ever seen, and so smart! Ninja-san is the perfect name for the pink ninja (`o´) -haiiiaah!

Kat C. said...

me!me! I will adopt him!

Ive already named him...KAWAII! japanese for cute/pretty! =)

katch05 at gmail dot com

Teri C said...

I'd name him Kung Foo Foo, as in 'little bunny foo foo was hopping through the forest" with a little bit of ninja!

Loraine said...

It's way too cute I know he will find a good home. I hope you are not getting too sick with morning sickness.

Loraine said...

It is too cute I know it will find a good home. I hope the morning sickness isn't too bad. Feel good.