May 19, 2009

Slightly annoyed at myself

I was going to make a pretty needle roll for my new DPNs today. I cut the fabric. Then I couldn’t find the iron, so I thought “screw it, not meant to be, argh” and went back to the computer.

Then I remembered where the iron was. It only took me a couple of minutes to remember. And even at that, I simply did not have the patience anymore. I’m so cranky, it’s not even funny. Especially when it comes to sewing things. I have at least 3 projects ready worked out in my head, I just do.not.want to sit down and make them.

I need my sewing mojo back! It’s been missing ever since I had 2-3 failed projects in a row, a couple of years ago.


See that? That picture over to the right? –>

That’s how far I got. At least I managed to make a mess, so I accomplished something today!


Gentian said...

Aww. The fabric is really pretty!

Tzeni said...

i know how you feel, i totally been there. it sucks, but even if it takes time, your mojo will come back. probably when you least expect it. just write down your ideas for when your get it back ^_^ hope it will be soon! have a lovley day!