May 9, 2009

Pucca is finished!

Now I only need to get her a pretty frame :) I used a Paint Shop picture frame to give you an idea, since I’ll probably forget to take a picture once it’s framed. It will look like that, only better!

Next I’m going to make a whole bunch of tiny game sprites or something equally small, since I have at least 8 VERY small frames that I want to use. They have magnets on the back, so yay, fridge magnets! Either I get higher count Aida cloth, or I just make pixelated things. I like the idea of tiny tiny cross-stitch, but don’t have the patience to wait for an order of fabric to arrive. So pixels it is!



The giveaway deadline is getting closer, will you be the lucky winner?


Gentian said...

So cute!! I love it.

Tzeni said...

supercute! i really adore the cat)