Apr 9, 2009

Theme Thursday - Mushrooms

Last minute, I know, By the time you read this, it will be Friday. But it was posted on Thursday, so the title still stands! Hah!

Someone posted a picture of this pen on flickr. I really really want one! Does anyone know where I can buy it? The brand is Q-lia, and the person who posted the picture bought it online – but the store in question doesn’t have it anymore! charges £5.45 for it, and that is before shipping :(

Adorable crochet patterns for mushrooms. Make your own little mushroom forest!

A set of vintage mushroom jars. Yes, a set. You get 4, in various sizes. The large cookie jar for mom, family can fight over the rest ;)

Vintage paper weight. For those papers you don’t want flying all over the place. Or just to put in window to look at the sunlight shining through. Mmmm shiiiiny!

Magnet clips, for fridge and important notes that hopefully people will see (how can they not, when the clips are so cute?)

Mosaic tiles. Could make for cute magnets.

Adorable fabric. From Japan, obviously.

I love all the various lampwork beads people come up with. Here’s a few examples of the fungal variety, from different sellers on Etsy. I have some of these. Still trying to figure out what to do with them, it has to be special!

This seller has so many vintage craft supplies, I can’t visit her store without drooling! She once had a hot pink 60s case for sewing supplies. Hot pink! I’m still sad I couldn’t get that one.

Darning mushrooms. In wood or bakelite.

Decole is a Japanese brand that has a LOT of cute mushroomy stuff. Just look!

A gnome chillin’ in a terrarium full of mushrooms!

Knitting mushrooms. I used to have one of these as a kid. Mine had a white stem with a green ring around, though. I wonder where it is now. Would be fun to have again.

Cross stitch your very own game over mushroom – pattern from spritestitch.com.

If you liked the previous link, you’ll probably like this one too. Get a set of Super Mario mushrooms for your desktop!

Ok, so it’s a mushroom cloud. But come on. It’s funny. I want one. No toilet is complete without!


Gentian said...

Very cute. I love the hedgehog and mushroom fabric. The multi pen is cute too..it looks a lot like my hello kitty multi pen. Probably a similar pen with different motifs. Anyway I love the various mushrooms :)

Marte said...

Yeah, the multi pen is probably a basic one. I just want it because it's pretty :p But not pretty enough to justify the cost, so meh. They can keep it.