Apr 3, 2009

Sunshine, shoes and brownies

First of all, I’m sorry. I completely forgot about Theme Thursday yesterday – went to bed early after a day of waiting for someone to deliver a washing machine. They never showed up, but this morning they did, so now we have a new-old washing machine. Yay! It’s almost shiny, and looks a lot more fancy than the one we had (old machine died after emptying itself all over the floor a couple of times).


I got my kitty shoes too yesterday (thanks Dad!), so today Jeff and I went for a walk to celebrate. It was all sunny and nice.


Admiring my shoes (ignore faded hair, happens every winter):


My shoes, my shoes, look at my shoes! Meow! We met some dogs on the way. My shoes hissed at them. Then they meowed happily the rest of the way.


After all the effort spent watching people deliver and install the washing machine, we were starving, which led to us stopping by our favourite restaurant (Thank you government, for the small GST return. Perfect timing!).


Mmmmbeer. See that 9% there? That’s one of the reasons why I love Quebec. Good, strong beer. It went surprisingly well with the brownie mentioned below.

Yes, we did have food. But I didn’t take pictures of it, too busy eating! So you won’t get to see that today.


Look what the waitress gave us! Best brownie I have ever had, AND it was free! I didn’t eat all of it, in case it had milk in it – but I did eat half, figured that would be safe. Didn’t want to ask since I would be so disappointed if it did have milk, better to take a chance and get delicious brownie.

I had already started eating before taking the picture, which is why you see some crumbs and stuff… trust me, you wouldn’t have been able to wait either! It was a lot darker than it appears in the picture too… almost black, droolworthy chocolate!


Whitney said...

Hi~ Just stopping over from Ravelry RAK group to visit your blog. I love you kitty shoes!!

Gentian said...

The shoes look so cute! Yay for the free delicious brownie.

Nosferatuia said...

I love your shoes! I have always been a fan of Mary Jane Style shoes. I want some of the TUK Emily the strange edition MJs. I love your socks/tights too!

Anonymous said...

Hi - just stopped in from the Ravelry RAK group, and wanted to see you blog.

First of all ... I love your hair. If I didn't work in health care, mine would be bright and beautiful too!

Also - I'm a huge fan of Goodonya too, especially their shave products, in Tahitian Vanilla!


Amy (aka deathbyyarn)

Marte said...

Nosferatuia: I've always loved MJ shoes as well! They have some really adorable Emily the Strange shoes with a slight heel available on ebay - they were my second choice, but I decided to go with the ones I had wanted for years.
I am addicted to striped socks/tights/stockings, my day isn't complete without!